Top Tanning Tips for your Wedding Day

Top Tanning Tips

Being a pale Irish skinned woman I know the journey we have all had with false tanning over the last few years. I have definitely made all the mistakes there is to make from patchiness, missing areas to badly tanned hands and feet! There is one day however where you don’t want any disasters and that’s on your Wedding Day.

As a Bridal Makeup Artist I have a few suggestions on how to ensure you get the look you want whether it be a golden goddess or an ultra dark bronzed beauty!

If you are planning to wear a false tan or get a spray tan, trial it before the wedding day and if  you can be organised enough have it done for your bridal make up trial. When it comes to creating your look it is so important you have a good idea of what your skin tone will be on the day so we can experiment and ultimately decide on the right colour choices in blusher, bronzer, eye and lip products.

Prepping your skin before applying a false tan is so important. Don’t be lazy! Ensure a good exfoliation 24hrs before application and all fuzzy areas are waxed or shaved. Avoid using shower products that contain a moisturizer as this can affect how the tan develops but before application do use a little lotion on the drier parts of the body, (knees, feet, knuckles, elbows and coat your toenails and fingernails too).

If getting a spray tan I would recommend choosing one that reacts to the melanin in your skin as this means the tan will develop to a colour that suits your own skin tone and therefore looks really natural. He Shi tan is reknowned for this.

Have your spray tan or application done 48 hours before the wedding so if your wedding is on a Saturday then apply on a Thursday. This ensures you can correct any imperfections if needs be and you will also have a chance to get used to the colour and feel comfortable.

From a Makeup Artists perspective I would advise not to apply or get sprayed on your face. Depending on your skin type it can end up looking very patchy, be visible in open pores and also increase the dryness of the skin. If you are more fair haired I have found it can alter the colour of eyebrow hair and around the hairline so I always recommend avoiding it to my brides. I can then work with a bride to match her to a perfect shade of foundation on the day and her own skin will look and feel in tip top condition.

After applying wear loose, dark clothing and avoid wearing a bra unless needed. Tan usually develops over a 6-8 hour period so before bed is usually a good time. You don’t want to sweat while it is developing but do ensure you are warm as this helps tan to develop.

And lastly I would suggest you and your bridal party all use the same or get sprayed by the same product. Choose a reputable brand and an experienced spray tanner! You could even hire a mobile spray tanner who could come to you and why not make a pre-wedding pamper night out of it!!

Good Luck on your journey to being a Bronzed Bride and I hope these tips have helped!!

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