Red Carpet to the Aisle

Bridal Makeup Inspiration direct from the Red Carpet

As wedding season is truly underway we are saying goodbye to awards season but it has left us with a wealth of inspirational makeup looks that are the ideal place to start when searching for ideas for your wedding day.

This makeup has to look beautiful in the afternoon sun when they walk the red carpet, during the awards and also on stage if they are lucky enough to win the coveted Oscar, Grammy or Golden globe. This is true to life for your wedding day. You will be in the natural daylight for part of the day and then softer lighting during your reception into disco lights as you party the night away. Your makeup look needs to not only last but it needs looks polished in each of these environments.

I love to seek inspiration from the genius Hung Vanngo (@hungvanngo). He looks after celebrities like Julianne Moore, Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Laura Harrier and Sophie Turner. His makeup looks, while transformative, are so beautiful and naturally enhancing.


It is hard to know where to start so I suggest if you choose a person who has similar colouring to you, skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and then browse instagram or google for images of their makeup looks. There is no point in researching a Kendall Jenner makeup when you are a blonde haired, paler skin toned and blue eyed person as the looks just wont translate the same way.

Your bridal trial is the time when we can experiment and try different things so come prepared with your images as well as wearing tan if you are doing so on your wedding day, have your hair up off your face and wear a white top preferably with a scoop neck or straps. This will help you and your artist to envision how the makeup will look on the actual day.

So get researching brides to be and enjoy scrolling!

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