Makeup Inspiration for the Mother of the Bride

The second most important face of the bridal party and definitely one of my favourite makeup looks to create is that of the Mother of the Bride. Often a little apprehensive at the thought of having their makeup done professionally and sometimes afraid of looking like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’, to quote a recent brides mum!! All this is very understandable as its a step outside their comfort zone and on the morning of the wedding they are normally in full ‘Mammy Mode’ making sure everyone but themselves has a cup of tea, has eaten something (preferably a SuperValue sausage!) and is RELAXED!

This is why when it is their turn in the makeup chair I want to do my utmost to make that time about them and ensuring they feel amazing for this big occasion. These are some of my top tips to help it all run smoothly!

  1. Do some research with them on makeup looks they like. I usually show them images of women with similar colouring at events on the red carpet as these makeups are flawless, naturally enhancing and showcase how to use colour and texture appropriately. Include them in the trial experience with the artist and book them in for one too! My go to makeup inspirations from the celebrity world are Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. These women know how to do it well while remaining relevant and stylish. For the more mature ladies I think you can look no further than Dame Judi Dench. What I wouldn’t give to do her makeup!!
  2. Enhance the eyes and lashes. “Not too dark, I don’t want to look like I was in a fight!”, or “I don’t wear alot of makeup and I can’t wear mascara” are things I hear all to often. Soft definition is what you want and I find a brown or grey eye pencil at the root of the lashes smudged and blended works a treat. If mascara is a no no then try one of the LVL lash treatments which I can hand on heart say is life changing for those of us not blessed with fluttering thick lashes.
  3. Texture and a pop of colour on the lips. Talk to the bride beforehand and make some recommendations on lipsticks for her Mum so she has a top up on the day. I think a satin or lustre type texture works best as it has staying power but also keeps the lips hydrated. My absolute MUST HAVE product is MAC’s Prep and Prime Lip primer (€17.50 This will coat the lip to improve longevity of your lip colour.
  4. Brows are last but by no means forgotten. If the brows were a victim of the 60’s and 70’s then they need to be filled in. I recommend a brow shaded eyeshadow and angle brush to do this. If they are looking for a more permanent measure the Phibrow microblading treatment will give your mum the brows she always wanted. It is a semi permanent treatment that lasts 12-18 months but it is a game changer and as my mum always said “Brows are the hangers of the face!”.

So get excited about your look, do a little bit of research and find a beauty icon! Trust your makeup artist and have atrial before the Big day so you feel relaxed and calm too.

As Coco Chanel said ” Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!”

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